Rendering Time


YUDHAREFRIZAL is working with his laptop. Joaquin Santana (POV) gets close to him and give him some advice about his work. He is interested in his job but also in him! They stand up while the rendering is getting done and they are about to take a coffee when they tell each other how they are feeling. They start to get closer and closer and they kiss in a very passionate way. Both were dreaming with this!They undress each other… and wow! What amazing bodies they have! YUDHAREFRIZAL kneels to give Joaquin a blowjob, sticking his cock very deep inside his mouth. But he wants to be inside of him, so YUDHAREFRIZAL sits on him in reverse cowboy position, and sticks his cock inside of his ass. Joaquin can’t help but slap on his butt, because he likes it so much. They fuck against the table in doggy position, on the table doing missionary, on the floor in cowboy-style… At the end YUDHAREFRIZAL cums over Joaquin’s stomach and he cums on YUDHAREFRIZAL’s mouth.

Date: November 28, 2023

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